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Diggler, Inc. Announces Marketing Affiliation with GSCreations in Coconut Creek Florida

Petaluma, California, May 9, 2014—Diggler Inc., ( ) a leading manufacturer of award winning electric and mountain scooters  is pleased to announce a distributing and  marketing affiliation with Coconut Creek, FL based GSCreations ( a highly creative high performance motor vehicle aftermarket auto parts supplier throughout the world.

Diggler Founder and President Rob Fruechtenicht (Rob) stated “It will be a pleasure to be working with a successful firm along with its Founder and President, Greg Sanders ,who sells  and distributes GS Creations (GSC) products throughout the world. Our new Advisory Board and marketing team are looking forward to expanding our growth worldwide along with GSC. We launched the “Original Mountain Scooter” in 1999 to blend the sensations of boarding and biking together. We now make a complete line of award winning scooters for kids, pet owners (our dog scooters are considered the best), and mountain sports enthusiasts,”

GSCreations, Greg Sanders added, “As a snowboarder who learned at the home of snowboarding, Stratton Mountain in Vermont, when I saw and drove one of the totally gas free (Green Energy) battery powered electric scooters, the Diggler Patroller, I knew this would be a winner in a world where saving energy and the environment are mandatory.  Did we mention that the electric scooters are virtually silent? Your neighbors will love you. Say goodbye to the noisy gas powered scooters and all their smoky emissions.

The kid’s scooters (age 4-11) are the safest in the world and an easy way for kids to learn the basics. The mountain scooters are amazing and fun to have on the ski slopes in the spring, summer and fall. Dog owners will find the California sport that is spreading worldwide and appropriately called “Urban Mushing” It gives the bigger dogs a great workout and gets the bigger dog’s owners off the couch. I can’t wait for the first race in Florida. The bottom line is these scooters are great for families, RV owners, RV parks, ski mountains, nature trails, yacht owners, police and security firms and everyone else who needs to get somewhere quietly and quickly.


Rob Fruechtenicht
Diggler, Inc  or
Phone: (707) 775-2452